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== External links ==
== External links ==
* [http://nmelnikov.com/ Homepage] of Nikolay Melnikov
* [http://cnds.eecs.jacobs-university.de/people/nikolay-melnikov/ Homepage] of Nikolay Melnikov
[[Category:PhD students]]
[[Category:PhD students]]
[[Category:Flamingo Project]]
[[Category:Flamingo Project]]

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Student: Nikolay Melnikov
Title: User identification
e-mail: n.melnikov@jacobs-university.de
Affiliation: Jacobs University Bremen, CNDS group
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schönwälder
Start: 1 September 2010
End: -


Nikolay is currently a PhD student at the Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (CNDS) group, Jacobs University Bremen. He holds a MSc in Computer Science (2010) from Jacobs University Bremen.

PhD project description

I identify and differentiate users based on their Internet traffic patterns.

Recent publications

You can find a complete list of publications as indexed by Gogle Scholar

External links